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Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness and Possible Life Experiences

Levels of Consciousness is a complete overview of the evolution of Human Consciousness and possible life experiences.

Victim or Abuser consciousness is commonly known as the Ego or the Lower Self.

Self-Empowerment consciousness is about overcoming the Ego and the Lower Self and aligning with Life, where life becomes more supportive.

Self-Realization consciousness starts with the first Inner Light awakening, known as the Spiritual or Higher Consciousness awakening, and progresses towards the Bliss of Full Consciousness and the Absolute Self.

For an introduction to the Levels of Consciousness, please read this article.

Levels of Consciousness Chart DM.png

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Victim/Abuser Consciousness

The Realm of the Lower Self (Ego) 


Below LOC Positivity, the human mind is dense and filled with repressed negativity that is usually hidden away in the dark crevices of the subconscious. People natively born at these levels of consciousness are close-minded, have rigid belief systems, and are quite abusive towards others through their actions or speech. On the other hand, people already situated at higher levels of consciousness can also semi-permanently reside in these lower states of consciousness due to their traumatic experiences or the excessive negative influences of social conditioning. Read More >>

Self Empowerment

Overcoming the Lower Self (Ego) 

Breaching the crucial threshold of LOC Positivity might feel like an internal pole shift. Suddenly your head is above the water, and you can see the sun again. Above LOC Positivity starts the journey of true self-empowerment as you hone the ability to change your life for the better. Read More >>


From Awakening to Full Consciousness 

With the awakening of the Inner Light, the Higher Self opens the path to Self-Realization. Inner Love and Unity consciousness are humanity's most common spiritually awakened states leading up to the more advanced levels of Presence and cosmic Christ consciousness.

Non-Duality is considered a Pre-Enlightened consciousness. There are four steps towards Enlightenment, culminating in the realization of Full Consciousness as the Boundless Absolute God Self. Read More >>

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