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Level of Consciousness - Inner Love

Inner love is intelligent & unconditional love, it is beyond intellect, and it is love that has a mutual attraction that is not necessarily towards a woman or a man. 


Love on a lower level of consciousness is emotional love. Usually, it's reflected through your relationship with your partner, but on a higher level of consciousness, the intelligent love guides you within.  A mutual attraction can be with your heart, soul, and deepest heart. Your deeper heart is calling you as an attraction. It's giving you signals and messages to your conscious mind to connect with something deeper.  The mind is saying: “What should I look for? What's going to make me happy? Shall I buy this, shall I go there, shall I travel, shall I meet someone?”  The conscious mind usually translates this as “let me look for something,” typically external.


When you come to the higher consciousness of Inner Love, you realize that the calling is internal. It is calling you to go inside and discover that the call is for finding happiness and love inside.  This internal calling is guiding you to return into your heart, back to your soul, and this is Intelligent Love.  In the subconscious and unconscious mind, there is a distance that needs to be worked through and healed, and Love is the greatest force bringing you home as Love invites you to come back to Love. 

Inner Love is when the mind drops and centers into the Heart. The mind surrenders all its knowledge to Love because Love is the Answer. Inner Love opens its doors to the Heavenly realms. It is the most beautiful spiritual honeymoon period where fear noticeably decreases, and a sense of wonder becomes natural. A courageous spirit arises to confront everything in oneself and one’s life that is not a reflection of Love. 
Inner Love is the consciousness level referred to as the 5th dimension in Ascension teachings.


Inner Love can be opened by devoting yourself to your Inner Spirit, your own Higher Self in the Heart. This Love further grows and matures to encompass others and to love “thy neighbor,” thus opening and expanding to the Unity Consciousness, where a person feels at-oneness with everything.  

  • Intelligent and compassionate Love 

  • Love from the inside, which is not dependent on outside circumstances

  • Loving kindness as a state of being 

  • Cultivating a compassionate Heart starts here

  • This is a spiritual honeymoon time of being in love with all

  • The capacity to love all living beings arises

  • Love flows from inside the heart and uplifts those around you

  • Is accompanied by a sense of Truthfulness and pure motives 

  • Better discernment of the essence of people, situations, and issues 

  • More accurate Intuitive insights and holistic problem solving become possible

  • Inner Ascension to Heaven (5th-dimensional consciousness)

  • Connecting with Ascended Masters is common


Some books that may be helpful include: 

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Videos that support this LOC

Experiences and Testimonials

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Neo Rhythm features five inverted coils, strategically placed across the comfortable headband, to produce harmless electromagnetic fields that emit waves in patterns that your mind seeks to imitate. Encourages our brain to mimic external signals provided by a device. Our brains take a cue from the movement of the train and mirror the rhythm. The result is that your state of mind shifts into a preferred one.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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