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Level of Consciousness - Supra Causal Truth

Supra Causal Truth Consciousness transcends the causality, where the Absolute Self becomes more visible and clear. The light of Full Consciousness is now shining through the seeker like via a diamond or a crystal, so there is much more clarity of Seeing. The seed of the mind and its way of birthing a sense of separation becomes also crystal clear.

This state of consciousness can lead to the desire to retreat from the world where one can enjoy a deep sense of peace and fulfillment. The problem is that the sense of “I” remains to be uprooted from its core. The I-Thought or I-Feeling is a very persistent and deceptive mechanism of self-preservation. It enjoys hiding and staying at peace as long as no one disturbs it.

There is a subtle thin veil or distance kept from “the World,” from “others,” and a slight resistance from being fully submerged with the world, thus not yet being the Absolute Self, which fully Includes the whole Experience, the World and Others too.

This veil, once removed, also resolves the perceived Separation of humanity and the Divine, the physical and spiritual are ONE in actuality, there is only ONE, all-inclusive and indivisible Self.

In Buddhist teachings, there is a saying that at this stage of realization, if one sees the Buddha, one needs to “kill” it since the true Buddha (Awakening) is emptiness and openness itself and not an appearing image. Seeing any Deities and assuming a sense of “them” and a sense of “myself” needs to be resolved.

The seed of the mind, knowns as I-Thought or I-Sense, becomes visible. It was named by one of India's greatest sages, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The seed of separation is seen, and thus it needs to be isolated from all other thoughts and eventually transcended by a continuous familiarization with the Absolute Self.

Abiding in the Heart on the Right, known as “Amrita Nadi” or the Inner Sun, also helps for the final transcendence of the I-Thought or I-Feeling and any sense of separation.

  •  The light of Full Consciousness is now shining “crystal-clear,” meaning with slight filtering via a crystal or diamond.

  •  Feels much more open than the Great Void & Divine Love and much lighter too

  •  Here, the famous I-Thought becomes visible, named by the greatest sage of India, Sri Ramana Maharshi

  •  The I-Thought or I-Feeling is a very persistent and deceptive mechanism of self-preservation

  •  The I-Thought or the I-Feeling needs to be isolated from all other thoughts and eventually eliminated by continuously familiarizing with the Absolute Self and abiding in the Heart on the Right, known as the Amrita Nadi or the Inner Sun

  •  To enquire, isolate and transcend the I-Thought / I-Sense usually needs assistance of a fully Self-Realized guide


Some books that may be helpful include: 

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Videos that support this LOC:

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Music that supports this LOC:

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Omi Pad - Bathes the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electromagnetic field, using a complex “sawtooth” signal. The mat’s area is further modulated by a cycle of natural earth-based frequencies (determined by the time of day), including the Schumann Resonance. Using an additional layer of carbon-fiber mesh, the Hybrid mat is the first of its kind to combine a pure PEMF signal (used as a carrier for a spread of frequencies).

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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