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Level of Consciousness - Great Void

Level of Consciousness Great Void is a complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN. One must surrender the universal knowledge one has gained in the previous Awareness / Universal Self Consciousness. All that has been revealed must go back to the Emptiness of Void to be more liberated and relieved from knowing. 

The Knower can now rest from knowing. It is such a light feeling, “not to know.” Many teachers at this Level of Consciousness develop a mystical approach to their teachings since they no longer rely on knowing and enjoy the unknown. 

Being in the Void is a very restful place. One can rest from needing to know, from comprehending the present experience, from the process of living, from feeling, sensing, or needing to have any general idea or definition about anything. One matures from any need to know, thus taking some time to rest from the mind as a whole.

This Level of Consciousness is also known as the Causal Plane of existence, from where the Law of Cause and Effect arises that governs all that happens in the universe and one’s life. On a personal level, it is the Causal Body of one’s own Unconsciousness. 

This Level of Consciousness also allows access to the unconscious, unseen and not experienced except in a deep sleep. With the strength of the Light of Awareness gained in the previous Level of Consciousness, a seeker can stay aware even in the unconscious state. This becomes an opportunity to allow the deepest unconscious mental and psychological patterns to be seen and released. 

Here, one can access the core of some fundamental assumptions and things taken for granted, such as being a human being, being alive, etc. The awareness is brought to that which pulls you out of yourself and to the "I" core, holding unconscious blind spots.  

The Great Void is not a Cosmic Space like in Presence, a black hole, or a singularity experience. The Void is prior to that. There are many black holes and singularities in the universe, but the Void is the Womb of the Universe, or like the Shell of an Egg. One may experience the Void as resting in the Divine Mother's womb before creation, beyond what is known.

Going beyond the unconsciousness, the universal womb, into the Divine is the next step of Enlightenment. Usually, that happens via Grace. Grace pulls one out of the universe into the Divine. Grace is given either by one's Divine Self, Divine Beings or by another Self-Realized / Enlightened teacher.

• Unconsciousness and the state of deep sleep experienced while awake
• Causal Place of Existence and a personal Causal Body of one’s own Unconsciousness
• The Great Universal Void as a Womb of creation
• A complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN. The Knower can now Rest from knowing
• All the knowledge of the universe gained in Awareness needs to be surrendered
• Freedom from needing to know or comprehend anything. Freedom and wisdom of the words "I don't know"
• Accessing fundamental assumptions and things taken for granted
• Deepest unconscious mental and psychological patterns can be seen and released
• The Light of Awareness needs to be strong enough to be able to step into the Void
• It is surrendering to THE Great Void; it is not a cosmic space, black hole, or singularity
• It is the dark matter or the womb of the universe from where the galaxies are born


Some books that may be helpful include:

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Videos that support this LOC:

Experiences and Testimonials

Music that supports this LOC:

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Ananda Wellness - These amazing devices use 5 different energies delivered by what is known as Low Level PEMF therapy (Used by NASA for astronauts). PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields at a low level which are known to influence cell behaviour by inducing tiny electrical changes around and within the body’s cells.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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