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Planes of Existence

Divine cosmology - planes of existence.png

Physical Universe (Pinda)

At the very bottom of the chart have the biophysical universe, which is called the Pinda universe in yogic terms. Regarding the levels of consciousness, it relates to all the states between the very bottom of victim/abuser consciousnessto the lower end of Self-Empowerment.

Pinda correlates with the physical body as an aspect, since it represents the biophysical universe, which is known in classical terms as Saguna Brahman. Saguna refers to that which has a form or shape. Therefore, within the biophysical universe, which encompasses time, space, matter, and energy, the illusion of reality is created. This is where humanity experiences their day-to-day lives and where the soul becomes confined by the limitations of the five senses. One could describe this plane as predominantly three-dimensional and as the lower aspects of the universe in which souls become trapped.

To ascend beyond this state, it is necessary to transcend the confines of the five senses. This is when we enter into the subtle region of the universe.

Astral Universe (Anda)

The second layer in the chart correlates with the higher levels of Self-Empowerment, leading to the awakening of Inner Light and progressing towards Inner Love and Unity consciousness. It is referred to as the Anda universe, or the subtle astral universe, encompassing the lower 4D up to the higher 5D. Within this realm, the other three lower bodies reside, namely the astral body, lower etheric and mental bodies.

In the higher aspect of the subtle universe, you encounter your Higher Self. It is also a part of the Saguna Brahman, the universe of form and matter. As a result, polarities and dualities exist here, ranging from lowest desires to higher light, love, and oneness.

This realm is a domain of psychic phenomena, magic, spirits, and more. It is where astral projections occur, various occult teachings are explored, and the extremes of darkness and light coexist.

As you ascend to the higher regions of Anda universe, Inner Love and Unity consciousness become more prominent, shining brighter and exhibiting greater love. However, it is important to acknowledge that polarities still persist. One day, you may feel a deep sense of oneness with everything, while on another day, you may face challenging situations that require profound healing. 

Causal Universe (Brahmanda)

The third region of the universe is known as the cosmic region, which represents the cosmic consciousness. At the level of consciousness, it is associated with Presence and Non-Duality. As a plane or aspect of the universe, it is referred to as the causal universe or the Brahmanda universe. This is where the process of connecting with one's I AM Presence begins, allowing for a more direct access to the soul.

The cosmic region is still part of the Saguna Brahman, and many traditions consider it to be the abode of God, the Brahman. This is because it encompasses the causal region, also known as the lower unconsciousness or the causal body. Some meditators believe that passing through this region signifies enlightenment and the realization of Brahman. In certain yogic lineages, the Brahman is revered as the Supreme Being.

Upon surpassing the lower unconsciousness, meditators often encounter a magnificent, radiant light, assuming that they have reached the final stage and completed their spiritual journey. However, it is important to recognize that this is merely the third significant region. Nevertheless, in some traditions, this region is equated with God.

The cosmic region is also where the Akashic records reside, it is in this realm that the soul releases its densest karmic patterns. This region serves as the source of philosophy, ethics, morals, and the teachings of various spiritual paths.


It is often said that the cosmic region can create an illusion of finding God and heaven. If one remains at this stage, the influence of negative polarity and duality continues to play a role. Even if one has entered into the first step of Non-Duality and believes they have transcended these aspects, a negative current still manifests within the experience of the cosmic universe.

Many individuals catch a glimpse of the Brahman and perceive the universal light, assuming that they have reached the ultimate goal. However, beyond the Brahman is the fourth step, the fourth region, known as the Supra-Cosmic plane.


Supra-Cosmic Universe (Para Brahmanda)

The fourth region is called the Para Brahmanda and in terms of the levels of consciousness it correlates with Awareness. It is a mental or the purely etheric universe. In the yogic traditions that is the ultimate goal, the Para Brahmanda is the ultimate, also known as the Param Shiva. The light is even brighter, the light is intense, it envelops the whole universe. It is the Universal Self.


In ascension teachings, it's the perfection of the Individuated Buddhic or Christed self. It is also the Monad, the Oversoul of all souls in the universe, the universal mind, the universal consciousness, the Universal Self.


Here, one may experience the greatness and vastness of this light, which does power up the whole universe below. Thus, many see it as the source of the universe. It is the light of all of everything. Many meditators settle at this place and they're happy to be here.


In its classical name, it's called the Nirguna Brahman, or Para Brahman, meaning beyond the form, or formless Brahman, like Awareness it has no form or shape.

Many meditators may assume that this is the absolute already, and that this place is the God of most religions, serving as a blueprint of perfection. It represents the oversoul of groups of souls and the underlying structure of the universe. The entire universe is perceived in its complete illumination, revealing its nature. However, at this stage, one also becomes aware of the existence of positive and negative polarities below. The cause and effect, as well as the streams of creation are recognized as fundamental aspects that govern the universe.

Although individuals may choose to remain in a state of Awareness, they will still encounter the fluctuating currents of positive and negative forces, striving to maintain their state of Awareness. However, certain limitations still exist within this realm.

If we consider it on a global scale, not many yogis move beyond this stage, as they assume that the Para Brahman is the ultimate light that encompasses all other lights, and that there is no further reason to continue the journey. It is a profoundly fulfilling state, already suffused with great light. Having already transcended the lower realms of unconsciousness in the cosmic region, one might assume that there is no higher level of unconsciousness. 

Someone might argue that they have already traversed the realm of emptiness, the state of absolute nothingness, and have delved into the depths of unconsciousness. Yet, there exists a far greater void beyond that. If one is willing to relinquish this radiant state of Awareness and explore the completely unknown, even while experiencing the omniscient Awareness (since the entire universe is within their grasp if they truly remain and integrate at this level), they can then enter the fifth region.

Great Void

If one somehow becomes more humble and realizes that the previous state is not the ultimate end point, and that there is more beyond it, then they will enter a state of total voidness known as the Great Void. This state is also referred to as the great unconsciousness and is characterized as Nirguna Brahman, completely formless. It serves as the womb of the universe and acts as a barrier between the causal planes and the higher pure spiritual planes.

In this state, one transcends the entire creation of the universe and the light that sustains it. This state is called Brahma Jyoti, where one enters the vast ocean of the universes.


Liberated Soul Plane

This is the category of the purely spiritual region or plane of existence. It is where one begins to sense the presence of the Divine, which represents the pure spiritual aspect. As a plane, it is referred to as the pure Soul Plane, and it has a name of Sat Nam. This is the starting point and the path further into the Divine unfolds from here.

In this realm, the aspect is that of the Divine, and it is where a soul is already liberated. A truly liberated soul does not reside within the universe itself or bask in the magnificence of the universal light. Instead, it transcends the universe, rising above it. This marks the liberation of the soul and serves as a dividing point.

The classical name for this state is Poorna Brahman, with 'Poorna' meaning pure, signifying the pure essence of Brahman. Information about this realm is scarce on the internet due to its rarity and depth. Only the most advanced yogic lineages possess this knowledge of the Divine and the realms beyond.

The inception of the purely spiritual plane is where true liberation lies. It is the realm of the pure Spirit, where one experiences the freedom and individuality that transcend the limitations of the mind.

This realm represents a higher form of Self-Realization, surpassing the self-realizations found in the supra-cosmic and cosmic universal planes. It transcends the regions of the Brahmanda and Para Brahmanda, and so on. The most fitting word to describe it is 'Divine'.

Invisible Plane

The second Divine region is known as the invisible plane. This vast plane is filled with yellow-white light and offers an unparalleled sense of bliss, joy, and satisfaction. In many advanced yogic lineages, this state is considered the pinnacle of bliss or the highest form of Samadhi.

Within this realm, there exists supreme creative energy, as the soul experiences complete liberation and blissful satisfaction. There is not even a single atom of negativity, cause and effect, or error, as anything above the universe itself is indestructible. However, once we enter the universe, below the Great Void, it becomes subject to cycles, cause and effect, and is inherently dissolvable.

In contrast, the first and second Divine regions, the pure spiritual planes, are entirely indestructible. Here, the soul is immersed in bliss, freedom, and a deep sense of fulfillment. It feels completely united with the source, with God, without even the slightest atom of separation. 

At first glance, one might assume that this is the final state, the ultimate bliss where no aspect of separation exists, and therefore, there seems to be no reason to strive further. However, this is only the second Divine region.

The soul within this realm has no desire to leave its state of bliss and fulfillment. It perceives itself as completely satisfied and fulfilled. Every atom of the soul resonates with being one with the Divine source. Yet, as we delve deeper, we realize that there are still realms beyond, waiting to be explored.

Divine Eternity

The third divine region is known as the Divine Eternity, representing the aspect of pure Divine Love. The presence of Divine Love is profoundly felt in this realm. It is an eternal and boundless expanse of radiant light, an everlasting Divine Eternity. Referred to as the true home or the ultimate abode, it embodies total eternality, giving rise to the perception that everything begins and ends here. It stretches endlessly, spanning forever and ever, an infinite expanse of light.

Upon entering this region, the soul begins to fully comprehend God, experiencing the profound love and the love aspect of the Divine. There is an absolute absence of separation. It is in this realm that a much greater power and love of God emerges.

Inaccessible Plane

When the soul ascends even further into the fourth divine region, it becomes highly focused on the aspect of Power of God. Here, the soul attains the ability to realize its creative potential and create entire universes. It recognizes itself as God and acknowledges the immense power of GOd it possesses to bring forth its own worlds and universes. Consequently, within this realm, the soul can create its own universe and assume the role of its Lord.

The universe we currently experience is the creation of the Godly Souls of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These great souls are the ones who have brought about the existence of this universe that we are now exploring.

After witnessing numerous examples of how other great Souls have created their own universes and dedicating millions or billions of years to learning and understanding, your Soul may come to the realization that it also possess the power and creative ability to fashion it’s own universe.

This is the region where the soul realizes and attains the powers to do so, and then realizes God to a much greater degree in the Inaccessible Plane. Not all souls reach this stage and attain these great powers. While they can enter this region, attaining those powers is a significant process that takes millions and billions of years. Therefore, not everyone pursues it because many souls are content in the first Divine plane, where they feel total joy, bliss, fulfillment, and love. They don't feel compelled to do more than that.

However, if they become curious about the braver souls who have created universes, they may find inspiration from these greater souls to one day do the same by entering the Inaccessible Plane.

As a level of consciousness, it corresponds to Supra-Casual Truth because that's where the seed of universes resides.


On the accelerated awakening journey, we swiftly progress through these stages, taking the highway, the elevator approach. However, this is comparable to taking the fastest plane from London to Singapore, bypassing much of what is below and not witnessing it in detail.


However, as you awaken to the first stage of the Divine or progress all the way to Full Consciousness, and as you spend more time exploring to a greater degree and in more detail, you will begin to differentiate among the Divine regions. You will see and experience this as your integration and the level of advancement continue.

In the fourth Divine region the soul may remain here for eons, delighting in, learning from, experiencing, experimenting with, and creating it’s own worlds and universes.

Nameless Plane

As we ascend to the fifth Divine region, the very pinnacle of the Divine realms, it is associated with Full Consciousness and referred to as the Nameless Plane. This plane is beyond description and language, defying any attempt to attribute characteristics to it. It represents the realization of God and extends even beyond that, as it is an indescribable light, the purest essence of all, formless and colorless.

This concept may seem bewildering, but some may assume that God resides in the cosmic region, at the lower end of the scale. Many religious and yogic traditions believe that God is the illuminating force encompassing the entire universe, located at the fourth lower stage of this chart. Consequently, at the highest region, it is the realization of God and goes beyond that, as it represents an incomprehensible light and the purest spirit, devoid of form and color.

Ocean of Love and Mercy and Beyond

At the very top of the chart, we find Full Consciousness, the Ocean of Love, Mercy, Beyond and Beyond. It represents God in a state of Beyond and Beyond, that transcends all boundaries. It is absolutely indescribable, the most pristine manifestation of the Adi-Sat plane, completely formless and colorless.

An important point to note is that this is not the end. While it occupies the highest position on this chart, it is not a final destination, as it infinitely extends beyond and beyond and beyond. We must understand that the top of the chart is not a conclusion. It does not mark the end point, for it stretches infinitely beyond. This realization allows us to grasp the true vastness of the Divine.

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