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Level of Consciousness Full Consciousness (4th step of Enlightenment)

Full Consciousness feels very Natural. It is called Sahaja, the Natural State. It is the end of seeking, the end of the search as natural openness is found – restful, empty, and alive. It is closer than a blink of an eye. The Self is even closer than the sense of closeness. Beyond closeness is the Natural you, here and now. This openness feels naturally like yourself as a true, unlimited identity. This is not the same as the sense of ‘no self’ that a person may feel in the higher states of Presence or Non-Duality as there would still be a sense of separation and many problems with the world and perceptions. In Full Consciousness, this separation is dissolved. There is only ONE, and all senses of ‘otherness’ fade away.

In Full Consciousness, no diamond, crystal, or any kind of filter is in the way of the Pure Light of Consciousness. Every soul strives, at their own pace, to eventually return to this state of consciousness. It is the Absolute Self, God Self, the Source of All that is. 

It is the final state of Non-Dual Enlightenment, thus completing human consciousness. Divine and the ordinary become ONE. There is no more separation between physical and spiritual as all separations are dissolved. This whole Experience of NOW is fully included, and is not separate from boundless Awareness. The Absolute Self fully includes the whole Experience, the World, and Others too. There is only the Self.

All is seen as Self. All emanates from, and all IS, this Primordial Consciousness. The Self is unborn, undying, undivided, and inseparable. It is all there IS, manifested and unmanifested, as the Source of both. It is the ‘I AM THAT’.

“Self is what gives breath to Life. You need not search for It, It is Here. You are That through which you would search. You are what you are looking for! And That is All it is.” (Papaji)

Common processes & realizations

  • Full Consciousness feels very natural, and is called Sahaja, the Natural State.

  • The Absolute Self, God Realization, Source Consciousness, the IS-ness.

  • An ordinary Openness, Lightness, and Spontaneity.

  • There is no more separation between physical or spiritual, human or divine, as all separations are dissolved.

  • All is seen as Self. The Self is unborn, undying, and undivided.

  • Without resistance, boundless, and radiant NOW.

  • No self-contraction and self-opponent, nothing is excluded from the Allness of the NOW. It is the Underlying Equanimity and Inclusivity of All.

  • Unmixed and Untethered Attention is Pure Consciousness.

  • The Self is absolute reality, not relative, the Source of all manifested and unmanifested.

  • Transcendent of form, name, vibration, frequency, energy, and space.

  • Unmoving Reality beyond phenomena, self-luminous NOW, all is perfect in exquisite splendor.

  • I AM THAT.


Some books that may be helpful include:

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Videos that support this LOC:

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