Level of Consciousness - Full Consciousness (4th step of Enlightenment)

Level of Consciousness Full Consciousness is the Absolute Self, God Self, the Source of All that is. There is no more Diamond or Crystal filtering this Pure Light of Consciousness.

Full Consciousness feels very Natural and is named Sahaja, the Natural State. It is the end of seeking, the end of search as natural openness is found and is restful, empty and alive and it feels naturally like oneself, as a true, unlimited identity.

It is the final state of Enlightenment, and thus, the human consciousness now becomes complete. Divine and Ordinary become one. There is no more separation between Divine or Human, Physical or Spiritual, as all separations are dissolved. It is more than “oneness”, since there is no more object, subject or union of them. It is within the Absolute that oneness and separation appears, thus it is beyond oneness and separation.

All is seen as Self, all emanates from this Primordial Consciousness. The Self is unborn, undying, undivided, and inseparable. It is all there IS, manifested and unmanifested and as the Source of both. It is the “I AM THAT”.

  • The Absolute Self, God Realization, Source Consciousness

  •  Full Consciousness feels very natural and is named as Sahaja, the Natural State, the IS-ness

  • An ordinary Openness, Lightness, Spontaneity

  • There is no more separation between physical or spiritual or divine as all separations are dissolved

  • All is seen as Self

  • Without resistance

  • Boundless NOW

  • No self-contraction and no self-opponent

  • The Self is unborn, undying and undivided

  • The total radiant NOW

  • Unmixed and Untethered Attention = Unbounded Consciousness

  • All concepts are dissolved

  • Nothing to alter or change

  • Nothing is excluded from the allness of the NOW

  • Self is absolute reality, not relative 

  • The Source of all manifest and unmanifest

  • Nothing ever happened

  • Transcended of form, vibration, frequency energy and space

  • Beyond causality

  • Underlying Equanimity, Inclusivity of All 

  • All is perfect in exquisite splendor

  • Unmoving Reality beyond phenomena

  • The End and stop in the Now 



Some books that may be helpful include:

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New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Ananda Wellness - these amazing devices use 5 different energies delivered by what is known a Low Level PEMF therapy (Used by NASA for astronauts). PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields at a low level which are known to influence cell behavior by inducing tiny electrical changes around and within the body’s cells. Some benefits include: providing pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation and increasing bone density.


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