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Level of Consciousness Inner Wisdom

Level of Consciousness Inner Wisdom and Higher Self is experienced in connection with inner spiritual wisdom and spirit, also known as Higher Consciousness.  

This is an expansion of the awakening when you become increasingly able to observe your own thoughts, body, and emotions neutrally and more objectively. This space creates an opening for the Higher Self to come through. It can be felt like a higher intuitive sense, higher power, or even an internal voice that guides you through life, overriding the linear mind and limited sensory consciousness.

Inner Wisdom and Insight are gained, and a lot of knowledge starts to flow in. New realizations can be gained daily, and various spiritual and energetic experiences with the Higher Self become available, followed by a true exploration of the spiritual realms. 

Your Higher Self is you, not some far-off entity hovering around and looking in on you occasionally. 

The Higher Self is that fragment of your Soul that has never forgotten conscious oneness. It knows you inside and out because it is YOU.


Trust that it is constantly working to bring you experiences that best serve your evolutionary process.  

The ‘I am not this body, these thoughts, emotions, I am the Spirit itself’ feeling arises at this level. Past experiences can be resolved to a certain degree here as the Higher Self pushes you towards healing and integration.

For those who are energy sensitive, connecting to the Higher Self also begins a gradual process of clearing and activation of the seven chakras and kundalini energy, and a process of centering into the Spiritual Heart and Inner Love. 


Common processes & realizations

  •  An awakening of Inner Wisdom through inner spiritual understanding.

  •  Neutral Observation of your own body, emotions, and thoughts creates a space for the Higher Self to open.

  •  The Higher Self is you in a higher dimension: 4D Higher, 5D and above, often called your Spirit, Higher Consciousness, or Higher Spiritual Mind.

  •  This level is above the linear mind and limited sensory consciousness.

  •  Inner knowing and comfort to find the answer within. There is no need to search for answers outwardly.

  •  DNA repair starts here with the connection to Higher Consciousness.

  •  Multi-dimensional experiences are common.

  •  Feeling lighter in general, and an increased sense of freedom.

  •  There is the possibility of the awakening of spiritual psychic abilities.

  •  The Higher Self (not the Lower Self) remembers your past lives, knows all about this current lifetime, and has the key to future events.

  •  For energy-sensitive people, there can be an activation of the seven chakras, kundalini energy, and light body (Merkabah).

  •  The recognition that ‘I am not this body, these thoughts, emotions, I am the Spirit itself’ becomes stronger.

  •  The mind begins to soften and increasingly open.

  •  8 months to 1 year is a good timeframe for the exploration of Inner Light and Higher Self.

  •  Working towards opening the Level of Inner Love/Spiritual Heart.

Some books that may be helpful include:

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Videos that support this LOC:

Experiences and Testimonials

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Neo Rhythm features five inverted coils, strategically placed across the comfortable headband, to produce harmless electromagnetic fields that emit waves in patterns that your mind seeks to imitate. Encourages our brain to mimic external signals provided by a device.Our brains take a cue from the movement of the train and mirror the rhythm. The result is that your state of mind shifts into a preferred one.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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