Level of Consciousness - Divine Love (2nd step of Enlightenment)

Divine Love is the 2nd step of Enlightenment when the Awareness penetrates through the great universal womb of the Great Void and comes “out of the universe” to see the Pure Consciousness / a more subtler light of Awareness. A true Devotion and Surrender to God in all of it’s forms takes place at this level of consciousness. It is the true unconditional devotion and love: “to love for the sake of love” and becoming the ecstatic lover of the Divine.

Through Grace, a person comes to the 2nd step of Enlightenment, as no person on their own can transcend the Universe itself. The seeker realizes that their own efforts to become enlightened or to get rid of the remaining ego will not suffice without the higher power of Grace, thus Devotion to God is recognized as a great way to remove obstacles on the path of Enlightenment.

Divine Love Union means that the two universal aspects of Father God and Mother God are in Union and through this Love Union the Universe was created and is being sustained. Divine Union is the completion of universal Male-Female aspects within.

​• The Awareness penetrates through the great void, the womb of unconsciousness and causality and comes “out of the universe” to the pure consciousness
• It is through Divine Grace only that a person is able to raise up to Divine Love consciousness, for no person on their own can transcend the universe itself
• It is like popping out of the universe to see the source of all creation, through love
• Divine Love is where the two universal aspects of the Father God and Mother God are in union and through this union the universe was birthed and is being sustained
• Completion of the universal male-female aspects
• The level of Divinity


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