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Level of Consciousness - Allowance

Allowance as a Level of Consciousness is a great relief from the lower levels of emotionality. The ego has considerably softened its formerly rigid opinions here, allowing the world to be as it is without needing to judge or condemn constantly. The heaviest emotions have been transcended, and it is often committed work to emotional release and forgiveness that bring one to this level. There is much less density of mind, and a great sense of relief as the baggage of the past is let go. At the level of Inner Will, there is a great deal of positivity, but it is still very emotionally charged. At Allowance, this heavy emotional charge is significantly reduced. Inner relaxation, balance, and equanimity are first noticed here. Real joy and happiness from within happen more frequently as well. Perception softens and widens, bringing the ability to see the bigger picture.

Only a small percentage of people are born at the level of Acceptance. However, it is relatively easy to get to this level through the inner work of examining one’s life and emotions, with healing practices and being willing to let go of whatever is holding you back. Releasing, letting go, and accepting are the key to this level of consciousness and a high sense of responsibility over one’s thoughts and emotions.

    • Ability to accept, forgive, and let go
    • Accepting self-responsibility of one’s life
    • Transforming heavy emotions into lighter ones
    • Initial phases of the transcendence of the mind and emotions
    • Discharging the heaviest accumulated emotions
    • Realization that the source of happiness and the causes of problems lie inside you
    • Increased emotional equanimity, and a wider openness of perception
    • Release of denial and distorted perceptions
    • Through letting go of the past, inner healing begins
    • Usually people start meditating at this stage
    • Brings balance and harmony to life
    • Ability to see the bigger picture
    • Ability to take care of one's own emotions
    • Long term goal setting and self discipline
    • Honouring equality and the rights of others
    • Tolerance and acceptance of others’ viewpoints
    • Seeks to solve problems rather than assigning blame
    • Greater detachment from the ego and opinions
    • Opening of inner space
    • Beginning of inner understanding and inner peace

The key to transcending Allowance is the continued emotional clearing and release that allows the intuition from the Higher Self to come to the forefront of one’s life.

Some books that may be helpful include:

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Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg

Meditations that support this LOC:

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The Great Way of Living: Align Yourself with Source

Video Placeholder.jpg

The Art of Surrender & Letting Go

Music that supports this LOC:

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853Hz Awaken Crystal Clear Intuition

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Best Uplifting Trance Mix

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Omi Pads bathe the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electromagnetic field, using a complex “sawtooth” signal. The mat’s area is further modulated by a cycle of natural earth-based frequencies (determined by the time of day), including the Schumann Resonance. Using an additional layer of carbon-fiber mesh, the Hybrid mat is the first of its kind to combine a pure PEMF signal (used as a carrier for a spread of frequencies).

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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