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Quantum Brain and Consciousness

Your brain has a Quantum capacity to process the current experience fully. Your current experience includes this environment, your body, and your mind. You are Aware of all already. The most significant limitation is your focus and attention because it uses only a tiny part of the brain’s capacity to process the Real-Time NOW. In today’s society, everyone is taught to use much less of the brain capacity. If you learn to use it better, you can re-open and live the Highest Potential of yourself!

Open your Full Potential with guided practices

Open Your Quantum Brain & Optimize Your consciusness
Your Brain Has an Immense QUANTUM Capacity

The brain itself is already processing this environment. And then there is the mind, which is connected with your focus, attention, and understanding. Your brain is already functioning very well, with the capacity to process everything happening right now. But the conscious mind is limited to that only which it is focused on. Your focus and attention are like a lighthouse. It has a specific direction and position from which it perceives the present moment. And that is the biggest limitation of your attention and focus. 

However, your brain is processing the whole environment already. You are already aware of this room, space, atmosphere, air, and conditions. You're already aware of the Now but using a very limited conscious mind. So your conscious mind is processing only 2,000 bits of information per second. That is your conscious focus, conscious attention. However, your brain is now processing 400 billion bits of data per second. So that's why there are all these sayings that humanity uses only 10% of their brain capacity. And actually, the average human person uses only 4% of their Full Consciousness capacity, so 96% of your Consciousness potentiality is dormant. It is not utilized by the average human person. 

And this is why Consciousness work; awakening and opening. Consciousness is the primary goal and unlocking your true potential. So, through meditative practice, the goal is to awaken and enlighten your brain. Enlighten means en-lighten - to bring light into your brain and awaken the neuron pathways that are not used, although they're there but not utilized. And to allow the electricity, the electrical impulses pass through your neuron pathways and bring light into the neuron pathways. 

Your brain can be wired in the way that you wish, in the way that you choose to manage your brain. Of course, when you use your full potential, you will become more successful at what you do if it's aligned with your highest potential. This is also very important to realize that you awaken Your natural potential. You don't become like somebody else. This is what Enlightenment means. Realizing that Consciousness is the Source, and Consciousness shines through your brain, and your brain and nervous system is a device, a receptor of Consciousness.​

Levels of Consciousness are your capacity to process the Now, Reality. So we are focusing on helping you to upgrade your ability to process reality permanently. And your brain and nervous system play a key role in it. It's not about experiences. It is not about mysticism. It's not about belief systems, traditions, religions, or rituals. It's very scientific. It's even beyond the current capacity of the current science. And once you change things inside, everything else will change around you. You will influence people around you and affect the environment around you. You will influence all the energetic fields around you. Your reality will change within a given period, which we call the Life Cycle Manifestation. So that's how things upgrade in your life.

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