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Level of Consciousness Presence

“Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.” (Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching)

In spiritual evolution, Level of Consciousness Presence is considered spiritual adulthood. This is the first sense of true peace and contentment, where it is possible to begin to taste one’s true nature from the state of Presence. It is also the beginning of that time when deeper subconscious patterns can be healed. 

Before Presence, there is emotional healing, but in Presence, the deeper aspects of the conditionings of being can surface. From here, one can start the journey of untangling oneself from the world and its illusions.

This level of consciousness is relatively rare, and few people are awake at this level. Presence is very different from all previous energy work and practices. In Presence, the sense of being a separate ‘I’ starts to dissipate as the distortions and conditionings of the mind are seen and surrendered gradually.  

This is a ‘Being’ consciousness, rather than ‘Doing’. It is the ‘I AM-ness’, where Being is preferred, rather than interacting with energies and objective phenomena. There is a realization that there is no ‘doer’ of activity because, upon a closer look, there is no one here as such. Only the present space is experienced. It was only an assumed identity. All thoughts and emotions are happening by themselves. One realizes that there is no doer, and there is no one doing something – it is all happening by itself.

At this level of consciousness, it is important to start familiarizing with the Unknown, surrendering to the Presence of one’s Being, and laying down the foundation of Space and Openness for the journey to Full Consciousness.

Using the earlier example of the Beach and the Ocean: In LOCs Inner Love and Unity, a person is at the most beautiful tropical paradise beach enjoying the sunshine, dipping into the ocean for a swim from time to time. LOC Presence is the ocean itself. There is no more person. There is no one in heaven or at the beach. It is a complete surrender of the spiritual ego-self to the space and energy field of the Presence itself. It is a dis-identification from energy. Therefore, opening to Presence usually happens with direct guidance and transmission from a spiritual teacher on a higher level of Consciousness.  

Presence is known as the mighty ‘I AM Presence’ in Ascended Masters Teachings. It is a direct connectedness to one’s most perfect self, and a full merging with the Soul, where the Soul descends into the Body. The spirit now can Descend back to the body, back to Earth, thus establishing Heaven on Earth. 

It is also called Cosmic Consciousness due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Christed Self. The true meaning of the Christed Self is surrendering to the Cross of Time (horizontal dimension) and Space (vertical dimension) thereby transcending time and space to the Presence of the HERE and NOW as an actual Present Moment, while being able to sustain not only Light and Love, but all passing energies in the Present moment.


Common processes & realizations

  • Considered as spiritual adulthood.

  • A way of Being as I AM-ness.

  • To Be for the sake of Being, without a need to search for anything or engage in energies.

  • Simplicity is more restful than being engaged with complexities of energies.

  • The field of being beyond the Chakras/Kundalini and energy.

  • Beginning to Familiarize and become more comfortable with the Unknown.

  • Being HERE in the Present Moment, nowhere else.

  • Realizing that the Truth must be here. Where else would you find it?

  • Allowing yourself to feel the deep feelings that were previously avoided.

  • The ability to begin processing deeper subconscious distortions.

  • The mighty ‘I AM Presence’ in Ascension teachings.

  • A Cosmic Consciousness expands to the Galactic level.

  • Christ Consciousness, where the ego dies on a cross of time and space.

  • Full merging with the Soul, where the Soul descends back into the body.


Some books that may be helpful:

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Videos that support this LOC:

Experiences and Testimonials 

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