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Level of Consciousness - Rationality (Prior to Inner Light Awakening)

Rationality is the highest of the strictly linear levels of consciousness. This is the level of scientists, upper business managers, great politicians, philosophers, authors, CEOs, and others who depend on logic and reasoning to do their jobs. Intellectualizing, clear thinking, rationality, and the ability to conceptualize are key traits here. To arrive at this level of consciousness, one must transcend the lower emotional states that prevent calm and clear thinking. Once this is done, emotions are handled with more intelligence, and thinking and reasoning predominate. Education and a love of learning are of great importance at Rationality. The difficulty with this level is the tendency to identify very strongly with the intellect and be overly enamored with concepts and theories. This focus makes it difficult to discern the essence and context.

People are generally not born at this level of consciousness - it is earned through the progressive ability to manage and transcend emotionality. As one works to let go of lower emotional states, it is possible to bypass this level of consciousness and instead open up to Inner Light and connect with the Higher Self.

    • Flowering of the intellect and rationality
    • Science and medicine, learning and education
    • Great scientists, statesmen, authors and business people operate from this level
    • Ability to manage emotions wisely
    • Search for the meaning of life
    • Philosophers seeking wisdom
    • Lacking the ability to see the essence of things
    • Confusion between objectivity and subjectivity
    • Too focused on theory
    • Amassing of logic and data, less conclusions; able to handle large amounts of complex data
    • Understands nuances of interrelatedness, symbols and abstractions
    • Disregard for context; unable to see the whole picture
    • Excessive rationalization can block the higher levels of consciousness

The key to transcending Rationality is to recognize it’s limitations and to seek for Higher Consciousness beyond the limited mind. This means opening to Inner Light and connecting to the Higher Self Consciousness via meditation practices, energy work and receiving spiritual support.

Some books that may be helpful include:

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Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg

Meditations that support this LOC:

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DAILY PRACTICE - Life Force Energy

Video Placeholder.jpg

The Quantum brain: How our Brains Connect with Universal Consciousness

Music that supports this LOC:

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Heart Brain Coherence Music

Video Placeholder.jpg

Brain Calming Music

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Chi Generator JU1000 - A productive and clean life force generates a feeling of well-being and harmony, as we feel in nature. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to protect your family from the Electrosmog because it reduces the impact of electromagnetic pollution on the body and strengthens the cells with vital force.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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