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Level of Consciousness - Awareness Awakening
(1st step of Enlightenment)

Level of Consciousness Awareness is the realization of Awareness as your own Self. There is a considerable degree of lightness compared to Non-Dual space. Being Awareness becomes the fundamental identity. The seeker’s consciousness is felt as a pure and all-pervading aware presence. A sense of larger openness arises as Awareness is beyond any space and nothingness.

The physical human brain is lit up to the large degree of En-lightenment and brain-nervous system coherency. The conditionings and distortions unravel more quickly in Awareness, revealing greater degree of clarity. An enlightened person can now change their perceptions and see what IS - the essence of IS-ness more directly. 

In Awareness, the sense of separation from others is significantly decreased. The world seems less of a problem, and life seems to flow more smoothly. The subconscious material is still surfacing to clear, but this material is increasingly more subtle and easier to manage.  

While problems still arise, the clarity of seeing and the sense of openness create a space for resolving issues. Some things that may have previously seemed like problems fall away as unimportant. A much greater degree of power and ability to meet life in a lighter way arises.

This degree of Enlightenment can be seen as the Universal Self, meaning that the consciousness is now expanded to encompass the whole Universe as “I AM All” or “All-ness.” This way of being “All” with everything as the entire universe is called Universal Consciousness or the Universal Mind or the Unity Field.

  • Realization of Awareness as one-Self 

  • The Awareness of Awareness now becomes the fundamental identity

  • The Presence of Awareness is always here and now

  • Transcendence of objectivity and becoming the Pure Subject

  • I AM-ness becomes less tangible and feels more as All-One-ness

  • Greater degree of power and ability to meet life in a lighter way arises

  • Universal Self, meaning that the previous Galactic Self is now expanded to encompass the whole universe

  • At this stage an enlightened person is able to change their perceptions ( Emotions –> Thoughts–> Cognitions –> Perceptions) and their fundamental views of reality in order to see what IS, more or less from the perspective of enlightened clarity 

  • The physical human nervous system has been lit up or literally ‘enlightened’. This is the phase of the first Enlightenment resulting in the brain-nervous system coherence 


Books that may be helpful include:

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Videos that support this LOC:

Experiences and Testimonials

Music that supports this LOC:

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

DENAS-PСM is a dynamic electro neurostimulation device - an excellent tool with a choice of different frequencies. Depending on the selected frequency, you can get different therapeutic effects. Some frequencies are in demand for the treatment of pain syndromes, others - for normalization of pressure, the third - to relieve inflammation, etc. In addition, the models are equipped with special preventive programs, and many modes to assess the effectiveness of treatment and identify problem areas. The lead is a conductor that carries electrical currents to the electrode, which interfaces directly with the excitable tissue.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:

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