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Soft Loving Awareness Guidance

Your soft, loving awareness is enveloping the present moment. It is gently, unconditionally aware of your present experience, your present NOW. Your soft loving awareness is the essence underlying every experience. You can connect with this essence immediately because you are undeniably aware and conscious already. Recognize that awareness is not foreign to you. For your mind it might be new because the mind is intrinsically drawn to focus on what it is invested in and avoid what is troublesome.

The nature of awareness is soft, it can also be sharp, and cut through the veils of the mind. Any quality can be observed and seen in the light of awareness. Do not objectify awareness by making it into another concept or idea, it is only to be experienced. It is a simple experience. Keep your mind open, and softly notice that you are already aware of your present experience. Awareness itself is like a screen and the screen unconditionally allows every movie to be projected onto it.


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