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Invitation to Consciously and Unconditionally Allowing Everything As It Is

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You are being transported to a space of meeting with Source – the Self. We join together as one in this place of high consciousness resonance. In this field of unity, every one of you is drawn closer to the seat of consciousness; the radiance of Source.

All of your thoughts, feelings, and energies can relax into this space, for you are being taken care of and supported by this higher energy field. You are no longer alone! Here you can heal, connect to your inner peace, and receive a transmission of source consciousness. You have come to sit next to the Sun, imbibe its beautiful radiance, warmth, light, and brightness.

Let go of all your activities and sit next to the sun, receive this loving vibration, the energy emanating from source consciousness that knows how to take care of you, balance your energies, alleviate all your tensions, pain suffering, and stress. All you need to do is receive this brightness. If you are dealing with challenges you can imagine that you are the bright sky filled with the radiance of the Sun.

Consciousness is like the sky it allows everything to occur unconditionally: the wind, the clouds, the rain, etc… You are that open space of consciousness that allows life to simply happen here and Now. Ultimate freedom is allowing everything to happen as it does absolutely and unconditionally, including your feelings, emotions, thoughts, the five sensory experiences, extra-sensory meditative experiences, etc.

This space of absolute allowing is closer than the experiences themselves. Nothing can be resisted in awareness as everything is being simply witnessed. The big You is infinite and absolute, the little You is an energetic contraction, the Ego that needs to control its environment. The little I is bound by this body-mind mechanism.

It is only by surrendering to a larger field of energies, and opening to consciousness that the problems of the ego become resolved. The mind does not allow you to rest in your natural being as the Self because it is incomplete and overshadowed by a rigid belief system. The ISNESS of you is immediately here!

The space of the direct transmission of consciousness burns up the conditioning of the mind and dissolves the dualities and incompletions. Depending on the nature of the distortions, the healing process can be loving or fierce. Note, you are already the Self or Consciousness!


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