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Bringing Awareness to the Mind (Awareness Awakening Series)

Through this powerful guided meditation you will be lead to relax into AWARENESS as your most natural and true self already present here in the NOW. Awareness has no qualities, as it is transparent being itself. The only relevant, fundamental question that you can ask yourself in this process of inquiry is: AM I AWARE? The answer is immediate and direct: YES, I am aware. How do you know that there is a body, or there is a mind? I clearly know that there is a body and a mind because I am aware of both.

This is an invitation to disengage from the mind, the energies, and the experiences. As we soften and relax into the essence of who we are by bringing awareness into the mind it becomes evident that the mind is simply a conglomeration of clouds that veil the true Self. The different levels of conditioning, degrees of identification, fixations of the mind and ego are the clouds which reinforce the illusory distance between you and the Self. In order to inquire into the nature of awareness, relax your mind and your focus, drop the search, the impulse to understand, and the effort to do or achieve something. Everything is already seen within awareness!


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