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Golden Tree, Violet Ocean of Energy, Inner Love Guided Meditation (440-540 LOC)

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Inner Love is when the mind drops and centers into the Heart. The mind surrenders all its knowledge to Love because Love is the Answer. Inner Love opens its doors to the Heavenly realms. Love is the way, and all there is Love. That is commonly defined as a 5th dimension in the Ascension teachings. Inner Love can be opened by devoting yourself to your Inner Spirit, your Higher Self in the Heart. This Love further grows and matures to encompass love to oneself and loving thy neighbour, thus opening and expanding to the Unity Consciousness, where a person feels at-oneness with everything.

Sat Mindo is a fully realized teacher whose life is dedicated to assisting others in raising their level of consciousness. His meditations carry a strong energetic frequency that helps to quicken your spiritual evolution.

Format: Video
Duration: 33:51

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