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Amrita Nadi: Practice to Increase Your Level of Consciousness

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This journey into the heart space clears the clouds of tensions, contractions, pressures, and resistances. By resting in the heart space our consciousness expands, and with practice this expansion becomes permanent. It is about letting go of the focus and the need to follow the mind and allowing that inner journey to take place, so that your Inner Sun can reveal itself. You will feel this brightness, this warmth, this radiance from the Heart on the Right. You will feel that something is changing, transforming as the Inner Sun illuminates and clears that inner space.

Amrita Nadi is the Seat of Consciousness and the Channel of Bliss. It is located in the Heart on the Right. The Ego functions as a blockage of this Heart on the Right and thus a sense of I-ness arises and limits the Boundless Consciousness into a seemingly self contracted identity. This in fact is the root cause of all the suffering. However, there is a way to unblock that I-ness and restore the Amrita Nadi so that it re-connects us with the Boundless Freedom of Consciousness!

Format: Video

Duration: 1:00:35min.

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